Handcrafted Masks

Covid-19 was making its way to America, while my grandfather, who has an Auto Immune Illness, was visiting his doctors.  So, I learned a quick way to stitch together a washable facemask for him to wear.  Then, suddenly, I was making masks for friends, family and familiar health professionals.

Under Florida’s stay-at-home order, I shifted my production HeatBelts to facemasks for folks in need, that is until my supplies run out.  With elastic and fabric scraps from my Handcrafted Heating Pads, I’ve made some cotton masks for purchase, which will help offset my donations.  So far, I’ve donated 73 masks.

Please take a look at my inventory. Below is some quick information about the masks:

I decided to add some inventory to my website for availability to purchase to help aid in the cost of shipping for donations. Please take a look. (Shop Here Button) Below is a little bit of information about the masks;

Each mask is made with two layers of pre-washed 100% cotton, knit elastic cord and polyester thread.  The cord was intentionally left a little long, so that the end user can adjust the size by tying a knot.

The masks are reversible and machine washable.

Each item was treated with sanitizing spray prior to packaging

Choose your Handcrafted Masks from our existing inventory or request a custom design.


Handcrafted masks have NOT been tested by a health agency, nor do they compare to surgical masks.  A homemade mask does NOT protect you from a virus, but it will serve as a fashionable barrier between you and the world.  Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

If you’re interested in making them for your community this is the link that has been most helpful for the supplies I have on hand. https://youtu.be/SP3AQtoPIzs thanks to “The Turban Project”, https://turbanproject.com

Reach out to me for custom orders.