HeatBelt Testimonials

The HeatBelt is versatile, compact, well designed, easy to use, and…

As if those weren’t enough good things to say, comes in really fun patterns!  I’ve used it for abdominal cramps, lower back pain, and shoulder pain with great relief each time.  It’s so much easier to hold in place than traditional gel heat packs because it’s small and easy to just tuck in where it’s needed.  When using in my car, the truly genius design holds it in place where I need it.  Heating it in the microwave in small increments really helps get it to just the right temperature for my needs, and I don’t end up burning my hands (or whatever area of my body needs the heat), which I used to do with a gel heat pack before!  I’m in love with the fabric pattern you picked out for me based on my color and style likes!  This is a great product that I will be using for years to come!

Ashley Smotherman.

This heat belt is such a blessing!

Not only is it perfect for heating up and using on the back of my neck at night after a long hard day working…… But it’s also great to slip it up on the top part of the seatbelt and use it on my left shoulder! Thank you so much Tiffani! Great product!

Judi Price

Tiffani and I were diagnosed around the same time…

Her with Endometriosis and me with Fibroids. I can’t tell you how great it has been to have someone to talk to about my issues and someone who understands. If you are reading this I’m sure you are aware of how hard it is to have a “Normal” life. There are times when I am stuck in the house for days due to pain, bleeding and sheer exhaustion. These products have made getting out of the house more bearable. I was able to attend a baseball game with my husband recently with no pain. The concession stand attendees even warmed my heat pad in their microwave. I encourage you to give Tiffani’s products a try. I also encourage you to talk to others, join forums and Facebook groups. You are not alone.

Michelle Anaya

I LOVE my heating pad for so many reasons!

It’s the perfect size; small and portable. I can bring it with me anywhere when my cramps are being a pain! I especially love to use it at night while sleeping because it’s slightly weighted and fits perfectly below my panty line. I can finally get some sleep while on my period without the worry of cords or burning myself like with a traditional heating pad. Good quality and handmade with all natural ingredients. What more could a girl want?

Cortney Webster

10% of every purchase is donated for endometriosis awareness